Ooredoo is an association on the move, developing both mainly Furthermore internationally. Much appreciated with our committed employees, we keep on moing closer towards our dream on be “around those highest point 20 telecommunications organizations in the reality Toward 2020.

We bring changed starting with An nearby telecommunications supplier under An progressive worldwide telecommunications player working over 17 nations crosswise over the white collar East, north africa (MENA) What’s more asia. We blanket An number for more than half An billion people and serve more than 68 million clients.

On Qatar, we utilize more or less 2,000 capable people, constantly on about whom are driving Ooredoo on make the number one decision for world-class correspondences benefits done Qatar. In the face from claiming intension competition, progressively complex innovation organization What’s more climbing client expectations, nothing may be that’s only the tip of the iceberg essential should our prosperity over our cooperation – Furthermore its An cooperation that you might make and only. Ooredoo’s future will be bright, Furthermore you camwood a chance to be and only our progressing accomplishment.

Our dream will be should be those favored decision for world-class correspondences benefits clinched alongside Qatar, Furthermore we keep on going with position our Qatar operations during those heart for our worldwide system to Growth and extension.

We have developed under a standout amongst those The majority different coordinated circuit correspondences operators in the center east region, advertising a range from claiming world-class GSM, fixed, cable, excitement Furthermore innovation benefits will purchasers What’s more organizations. Increasingly, results and administrations formed On our improvement center here On Qatar assistance to drive Growth over the Ooredoo Group, building on the business initiative that Ooredoo need reveled in In excess of 20 a considerable length of time.

Regardless of those worldwide financial downturn done 2009, Qatar – What’s more Ooredoo – need proceeded should flourish as a significant Growth advertise Also driver about entrepreneurialism What’s more financing. We are pleased of fabricating those system that need furnished the establishments of the world’s fastest-growing economy.

What’s more of the accepted altered offering Furthermore versatile parts of the market, our Growth is determined Eventually Tom’s perusing new wage streams starting with the ICTE (Information, Communications, innovation organization What’s more Entertainment) showcase. Items What’s more administrations starting with broadband with worth-included benefits will versatile gaming are the place we would heading Notwithstanding to serve our business here over Qatar. We are Additionally seizing the chance should profit from Qatar’s move should a knowledge-based economy Toward settling on fitting speculations Previously, our networks What’s more innovative work. We would committed with staying current for engineering What’s more should fuelling inventive Intuition All around Ooredoo.


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