The Arcadia Group started life in the mid 1900s when 18-year-old Lithuanian émigré Montague Burton touched base in Britain and obtained £100 to set up an eponymous menswear business in Chesterfield. The Burton shop was a win and inside six years he had built up a chain of Burton stores offering both prepared to-wear and bespoke suits. In 1910, the flourishing business migrated to Leeds, where Arcadia Group holds a noteworthy office area right up ’til the present time.

The appearance of the First World War in 1914 gave Montague facilitate extension open doors as his developing business provided attire for a fourth of the military.Before the end of the contention, Burton utilized 132 staff at its Leeds base camp.In the mid 1920s, Montague started to build up the Hudson Road manufacturing plant in Leeds. Inside 15 years the venture (which today is the area for Arcadia Group’s bookkeeping and offices groups) had turned into the biggest attire processing plant in Europe.

Montague received a humanitarian way to deal with business, which was obvious when he actualized a welfare office at the Hudson Road industrial facility, giving laborers suppers, a dental specialist and an eye authority to treat eye strain brought on by close needle-work. In 1931 Montague got a knighthood for ‘administrations to mechanical relations’; he likewise served as a Justice of the Peace for a long time.Before the Second’s over World War Burton was assessed to dress around a fifth of the British male populace. In 1946 Montague made his first raid into womenswear with the procurement of the Peter Robinson ladies’ design chain.

Taking after the obtaining of Dorothy Perkins in 1979 and a developed time of development all through the 1990s, The Burton Group demerged in 1997, stripping its retail chain business to concentrate on its design products and offering ascend to the Arcadia Group. In 1999 the Arcadia Group procured Wallis, Miss Selfridge and Outfit hence finishing the Group’s present stable of element mold brands.In 2002 Arcadia Group turned out to be a piece of Taveta Investments – claimed by Sir Philip Green and his family – in this way joining the UK’s biggest exclusive retail amass. From that point forward, we’ve appreciated huge development in our eCommerce division and fast development in our universal nearness. This last division incorporates the opening of possess brand branches in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and also an extensive number of fruitful establishments around the globe.




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